JamesC Boutique + ABC 36

Y'all, JamesC Boutique just did something SUPER exciting! We were invited to do a segment on ABC 36 in Lexington and had a total blast! So we wanted to share exactly what went down, what questions were asked and what best selling styles made their TV debut. 

So let the low down begin...

Sunday, January 28: JamesC Boutique put together a clothing rack full of this seasons best sellers! These styles have been shining bright online so we figured it was well deserved for them to make a TV appearance.


Here's what our rack consisted of...

Cassie Cowl Neck Sweater, $38.

Landree Lace Up Sweater in Ivory & Lilac, $42.

Pia Pearl Sweater, $36.

Multi Colored Pearly Perfect Jeans, $52.

Pom Pom Scarves in Ivory & Gray, $18.

Monday, January 29: JamesC Boutique arrives at ABC! Together with producers, we put together the segment "looks" aka SHOPPING EYE CANDY! The rack was put together, clothes were hanging and shoes were sparkling. We were ready!


Head Anchor Katie Solove took the interview from great to absolutely fabulous. We spoke total girl shopping lingo!

Here are the questions and answers:

Katie Solove: JamesC Boutique is exclusively online. Why did you decide to do online only?

Carrie Burkett: Ah, there are so many reasons JamesC Boutique is exclusively online. One of the biggest reasons is over the years I've found myself following online boutiques and watching them grow into sensations! Shopping online is huge and with the help of social media, I knew JamesC Boutique had a shot at becoming one of those sensations! Another reason why JamesC is exclusively online is because of all my family and friends. Each one of them want to be apart of JamesC Boutique and being online gives everyone the opportunity to shop with us and watch us grow!

Katie Solove: What is the story behind JamesC?

Carrie Burkett: After years of working and managing a local boutique, I talked to my dad and told him about my dream of owning a store. He saw the passion in my eyes and sat down with me to write a complete business plan. He said as long as you have the guts, no matter what age you are, you can do anything! At that moment, it was a no brainer who I'd name my boutique after! My boutique is named after my dad, James.

Katie Solove: Who is your target market?

Carrie Burkett: JamesC Boutique's target market are women of any age! We really have something to offer for everyone. We've had 15 year olds buy from us as well as grandmothers! Everyone can find something they love.

After answering those questions, we explained how so many of JamesC's pieces can be dressed up and just as easily be worn casual. At that moment, JamesC Boutique model Olivia came onto set wearing her Jocelyn Jumpsuit, $56. We explained that there's something special going on with jumpsuits. With the top and bottoms sewn together, it takes the guess work out of everything. And when you have a jumpsuit that is all black and has a beautiful one shoulder ruffle across the top, it's a total showstopper! The beauty of a jumpsuit is that it can be worn for several different occasions, but look completely different depending on how you accessorize. Your jewelry, jackets and shoes can make a jumpsuit look completely different each time you wear it! Score!

3...2...1...THAT'S A WRAP!


Olivia (JamesC Boutique Model) is wearing:
Jocelyn Jumpsuit, $56.
Milia Multi Glitter Booties, $54.
Elora Earrings, $18.
Carrie (Owner of JamesC Boutique) is wearing:
Signature JamesC Boutique T-Shirt, $18.
Pearly Perfect Jeans, $52.
Milia Multi Glitter Booties, $54.
Katie Solve (ABC Anchor) is wearing and holding:
Pom Pom Scarf in Gray, $18.
Cassie Cowl Neck Sweater, $38.

Multi Colored Pearly Perfect Jeans, $52.

Oh and we're giving each viewer a special 20% off discount and there's no reason you should miss out! Use the promo code MIDDAY20 at checkout for 20% off your entire purchase.

Cheers! XO

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