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PREORDER: The Classic SEC Happy

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We are so thrilled to introduce our SEC HAPPIES! Similar to Rush Happies (gift baskets), our SEC Happies are gift bundles designed for you and your favorite girlies!

BUNDLE 1: SEC Logo Sweatshirt (white or grey),  Gameday Accessories (Buttons, Koozies, etc.)

BUNDLE 2: SEC Logo Sweatshirt, SEC Hat, Accessories (Buttons, Koozies, etc.)

BUNDLE 3: 2 SEC Logo Sweatshirts, SEC Hat, Accessories (Buttons, Koozies, etc.)


 As soon as we receive your order, we will reach out to you immediately to complete the SEC Happy Order Form! We will need size information, what SEC school, any add-on requests and name/address of the person you're gifting the SEC Happy to!

SEC Happies will be available for in store pick up or shipping! We will issue you an estimated complete date upon ordering!

**In-store pick up is available!**

*All SEC Happies are PREORDERS!*