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Our Story

 James was a man who believed in everyone. So when his daughter discussed starting her own boutique, he took out a pen and paper and sat for hours creating the perfect business plan for her. As time went by, he wondered if she'd ever follow her heart.

Carrie eventually did.



Hi, I'm Carrie! I couldn't be more thrilled that I get to share JamesC Boutique with all the chic girlies out there! So here's my I made my way through the journalism program at the University of Kentucky, I wrote for magazines and worked at/managed a local boutique. Yes, I've always felt like Carrie Bradshaw, writer and shopaholic. And it was through that managing experience that I realized how much I LOVE boutiques! Each and every day I went into work and surrounded myself with clothes, life got better. But my favorite part? Making women feel beautiful about themselves. There is truly no better feeling than seeing someone genuinely thrilled about how they look! Throughout those 4 years of magazine writing and boutique-ing, I curated the perfect boutique business plan! Thus, JamesC Boutique.
Let your prettiness shine through each and every day in the best clothes! YOU deserve it. Each piece of merchandise is handpicked (based on quality and chicness) and perfectly priced for ANY fashionista! Cheers to great shopping!


JamesC Boutique's clothing is a curated collection of Women's & Young Contemporary brands. Each piece of merchandise is handpicked by the owner and reflects her personal style.

Sizing ranges depending on the brand and JamesC is more than happy to assist in picking out the perfect pieces for you. If there are any questions about sizing, materials, vendors or returns please visit the contact page so we can further assist you.